Wonder Woman’s Ice Skating Routine by Alexandra Trusova Stuns

A Wonder Woman Ice Skating Routine performed by Alexandra Trusova is an eye candy that defies gravity and is too good to miss.

Alexandra Trusova mesmerized the audience with her stunning display of athleticism. And there’s so much more to this silly Russian skater than her awesome moves!

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Watch Alexandra (aka Sasha) take the ice cream in a basic black trench coat. It’s not the blingy bodysuit we’re used to seeing, but it sets the low-key, subtle tone for the opening of her performance.

Alexandra Trusova wows with Wonder Woman’s ice skating routine

Once the applause has passed, we hear the sound of a helicopter. Alexandra, as Wonder Woman, gazes skyward with an expression that indicates she knows something bad is coming – a battle that will soon have to be fought. Until this clash, Wonder Woman skates in silent contemplation to “Song to the Siren.” It’s the calm before the storm.

At about 1:30 into the video, Alexandra spins and kneels down and unties her belted coat. This action might be the only one in the entire video that seems to challenge Alexandra in any way! As she becomes untied, she looks up at the audience, seemingly delighted to show them what’s next. This expression belongs to Alexandra rather than Diana’s alter ego! The rest of the video is set to “Wonder Woman Defending/And What Rough Beast”.

Now we see Wonder Woman in all her glory.

Although this WW version has a small frame of around 5’2″ and 93 pounds, she looks fierce in her blue, red and gold costume. Her bedazzled headband and “submissive wristbands” complete the look and provide her with all the power she needs!Alexandra runs, slides, skates and spins for almost 90 seconds until the music and the mood calm down again.

Within moments, Alexandra is precariously close to the ice in a backbend and bone-breaking maneuver. The fight has resumed, and this move may be a visual representation of some of Wonder Woman’s most extreme pickles!

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In the end, Wonder Woman is the winner and Alexandra comes in 3rd place in the 2022 competition in Tallinn, Estonia.

Facts About Russian Skater Alexandra Trusova

Here’s what you might not know about 17-year-old Alexandra. She is sometimes called the “Russian rocket” and the “quad queen”. The first nickname is obvious. The second, while it may indicate an incredible muscle group, is that Alexandra is the first skater to master four distinct types of quadruple jumps.

Alexandra’s red hair matches the fiery personality she takes on in this routine, but it’s not her natural color. And, you may have noticed that she holds a substantial bun at the back of her head. She changed color, but the skater’s hair is famous for its extreme length. It stretches far beyond its size. Imagine coloring all of this!

Finally, at the ripe old age of 16, Alexandra is the subject of a biography titled The Girl Who Defies Gravity. With all of her accomplishments, she may one day be the character in a young woman’s performance. She is definitely a real-life wonder!

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“I praise you because I am terribly and wonderfully made; your works are marvelous, I know it very well.” Psalm 139:14

WATCH: Wonder Woman’s Ice Skating Routine

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