What Your Favorite ’90s Figure Skaters Are Up To Today

Figure skating has long had a reputation as a star-maker at the Winter Olympics. It might be the amazing and sparkly outfits, the music or the drama, but whatever the reason, the stars of the figure skating world tend to really stick with us. They are remembered long after they hang up their skates. And of course, we want to know where some of the most famous figure skaters in recent history are.

Figure skating has its origins in Europe around the 18th century, four centuries after the Dutch invented ice skates. Apparently, it took four centuries for people to have enough leisure time to enjoy skating, and figure skating was born when skaters tried to literally form figures on the ice with their cool dance tricks.

Things have changed a lot since then, of course. Now figure skaters are less concerned with performing actual tricks on the ice and more concerned with landing a triple axel or a triple salchow or some other surprisingly athletic activity.

No wonder we remain fascinated by figure skaters. Especially those.

Nancy Kerrigan


It’s been 28 years since Nancy Kerrigan’s career as a figure skater reached its heights. The talented skater won a bronze medal in 1992 and a silver medal in 1994, but these will unfortunately be her last medals. In January 1994, she was attacked by an attacker who was allegedly hired by fellow skater Tonya Harding’s husband to incapacitate her ahead of the 1994 Winter Olympics, but she managed to compete regardless.

Since, Kerrigan continued to skate as a professional in shows like Broadway on Iceand even competed on Dancing with the stars in 2016. She married manager Jerry Solomon in 1995 and the couple had three children, Matthew, Brian and Nicole.

Brian Boitano

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When Brian Boitano won Olympic gold medal in figure skating in 1988, he could have been forgiven for taking it easy from then on. Instead, Boitano has built a truly beautiful life in the years since his career as a competitive figure skater ended. He wrote a book on figure skating in 1997 titled Boitano’s Edge: in the real world of figure skating, toured with Champions On Ice for 15 years and now divides his time between his life in San Francisco and Italy. Boitano bought and renovated his great-grandfather’s house in Italy, which was documented by HGTV, and enjoys spending time wandering around Milan and Bologna. Boitano is also executive producer of a new Netflix film about a young black man in the world of figure skating called Take the ice cream.

michelle kwan

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In some ways, Michelle Kwan’s two Olympic medals (silver in 1998 and bronze in 2002) don’t even seem like the most impressive part of her life. Kwan then retired from figure skating in 2006, earned a master’s degree in international relations, and worked in a US state. Advisor to Hillary Clinton’s Department during her 2016 presidential run. She was married to White House security strategist Clay Pell before they separated in 2017, and in 2022 she welcomed her first baby, a girl named Kalista. Kwan was also named the United States Ambassador to Belize by President Bidenso life promises to be busy for the 41-year-old mom.

Dorothee Hamill


When Dorothy Hamill won her Olympic gold medal in 1976, she also inspired a generation of girls to get the Dorothy Hamill bob. (She was basically the Rachel before Friends.) Since his time on the ice ended after his tour with the Ice Capades in the 80s, Hamill later led the Ice Capades herself after buying the company and ending humiliating weekly weigh-ins. The former star has worked with several charities like the AIDS Foundation, the International Special Olympics and the American Cancer Society.

Hamill herself survived a diagnosis of breast cancer in 2008 and continues to live with her husband John MacColl between their homes in Vail, Colorado and Indian Wells, California.

Johnny Weier

Steve Russell/Toronto Star/Getty Images

Johnny Weir’s time on the ice never really ended. The two-time Olympian has remained dedicated to the sport since he last skated at the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver, Canada. Him and comrade figure skater Tara Lapinski continued to provide analysis and commentary for NBC Sportsand they were so well received at the Sochi Olympics that they continued to secure a regular spot.

Weir currently lives in Greenville, Delaware, and actually coached 22-year-old Team USA figure skater Mariah Bell for the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, China.

Tara Lipinsky

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At 15, Tara Lapinski was the youngest figure skater never win the Olympic gold medal in 1998, and she made the decision to turn professional almost immediately afterwards. She and her friend Weir continued to commentate on figure skating and other big events like the Kentucky Derby for NBC Sports, and Lapinksi has even done acting over the years. She appeared in the soap opera Young and restlessbut told People she “doesn’t consider herself an actress.”

Which is good because she certainly has other options to keep her alive.

Peggy Flemming

Boston Globe/Boston Globe/Getty Images

Peggy Fleming made history in 1968 as the only member of Team USA to win a gold medal at the Winter Olympics in Grenoble, France. Her time as a figure skater was so significant that she was named one of seven athletes who changed their sport in Sports Illustrated in 1999.

Now Fleming is a 73-year-old mother of two and grandmother of one, married to husband Greg Jenkins, and continues to work in her sport. After working as a figure skating commentator for 28 years, Fleming developed his own trophy called the Peggy Fleming Trophy for Sport which emphasized art rather than technicalities.

Tonya Smith


Unfortunately, Tonya Harding never won an Olympic medal, placing fourth at the 1992 Winter Olympics in Albertville, France. It will be her only Olympics, as she was embroiled in the Nancy Kerrigan affair in 1994 and retired from figure skating.

In recent years, Harding enjoyed a return to the limelight when the 2017 biopic about his life, Me Tonya, received critical acclaim. Harding tried his hand at boxing, made an appearance on Dancing with the starsand has been a commentator on several TV shows. She remarried in 2010 and welcomed a son in 2011, and now lives a quiet life in Washington state.

Scott Hamilton


In some ways, it looks like Scott Hamilton has become the face of men’s figure skating. When he won gold at the 1984 Olympic Games in Sarajevo, he was the first American in 24 years to stand on the top step of the podium. And all these years later, it feels like he never left.

Hamilton is a longtime commentator for figure skating and even enjoyed several cameos in movies like Rail accident and Blade of Glory. The skater has battled testicular cancer and two brain tumors over the years, and has started several charities to help others fight the disease. He and his wife Tracie live in Tennessee, where they raised four children together. They adopted daughter Evelyne and son Jean-Paul from an orphanage in Haiti in 2014.

Kristi Yamaguchi

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Kristi Yamaguchi’s gold medal at the 1992 Olympics set her on a path that changed her life. Yamaguchi ended up marrying former hockey player Brett Hedican just eight years later, and the couple had two daughters together, Emma and Keara. Emma, ​​at least, seems interested in following in her mother’s footsteps and wants to be a skater. Yamaguchi even managed to recruit his former partner Rudy Galindo to train Emma.

The former Olympian lives in California with her family, where she remains focused on her work with her Always Dream Foundation which provides low-income families with tools to improve literacy.

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