Vineyard figure skaters post strong results

From left to right, Payton Tennant, Allie Branca, Emma Braillard, Mackenzie Flanders, Adrian Carreno-Vogt and Rosalee Brescia were among the Vineyard medalists on Saturday. —Jane Elizabeth Taylor

Fourteen members of the Martha’s Vineyard Figure Skating Club won medals in the Vineyard Figure Skating Open competition on Saturday. One hundred and fifteen figure skaters from across New England gathered at Martha’s Vineyard Ice Arena in Oak Bluffs to compete. The competition started in 1992.

” It was great. We haven’t done one since 2019. For a lot of our skaters it was their first competition,” Beth O’Connor, coach of Martha’s Vineyard Figure Skating Club, told The Times. “For a first competition, it was great to have him on his home ice.

The club’s upper level skaters did not participate, but volunteered to help with the smooth running of the day of competition. Here are the medalists from the vineyard and the categories in which they won medals:

Rosalee Brescia won silver in both basic elements. Adrian Carreno-Vogt won gold in all three boys’ basic elements. Mackenzie Flanders won the gold medal in the girls’ 3 basic elements. Willow Rosbeck won the gold medal in the 5 basic elements. Payton Tennant won bronze in all 6 basics. Emma Braillard won the gold medal in the 6 basic elements. Allie Branca won the gold medal in the compulsory pre–free movements. Hannah Haynes won the gold medal in pre-preliminary skating skills. Sienna Crowell won the silver medal in the beginner jumping challenge. Clara Rabeni won the gold medal in preliminary skating. Hydee Turner won the silver medal in the preliminary character presentation. Alana Rosbeck won the silver medal in the preliminary emotional showcase. Ellie Pennington won gold in the pre-juvenile free skate. Kelly Pacheco won gold in the girls’ youth skating event.

Two skaters, Pennington and Pacheco, passed their skating tests over the weekend and advanced to the juvenile and intermediate levels respectively.

Skaters from the club’s freestyle and bridge program will perform a holiday demonstration on Sunday, December 18.

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