Two ice skating coaches nominated for the UK Coaching Award


UK Coaching has officially opened the public voting for its UK Coaching Hero Awards.

Out of nearly 500 public nominations, 75 coaches across the UK have been shortlisted as finalists for the awards initiative, which recognizes and celebrates the innovations and accomplishments of coaches that have inspired the nation to keep moving forward during the coronavirus blockages.

During UK Coaching Week, the British public can vote for their favorite coach to give them the best chance of being rewarded for the huge differences they have made in people’s mental and physical well-being.

Danielle Starkie (Blackburn, Lancashire, North West) and Dempsey Andrews (Northern Ireland) were nominated for the award. The full list of finalists can be found at the bottom of this page.

Who has your vote? Read the stories of all the fantastic finalists and make your vote count.

Voting is open until Monday June 14 at noon. Votes will then be counted and the winners announced at a ceremony in September.

Emma Atkins, UK Coaching Director, said:

“Well done to all of our finalists and to the hundreds of other coaches who were nominated. Each of your stories was incredibly inspiring and showed how invaluable you are to your communities.

“The work of great coaches changes lives. And that’s what you have been doing over the past 12 difficult months. You brought people together through sports and physical activity, whether online or one-on-one, and provided connections and support.

“These awards, hopefully, go a bit into recognizing the accomplishments and sacrifices of our finalists and give the public the opportunity to read their stories – that is, the stories of coaches from 65 different places. across the UK and representing nearly 40 sports and activities., who answered a call to keep people and communities healthy and happy during a pandemic. We are indebted to your commitment to health-focused coaching. anybody.

UK Coaching opened applications for its rewards initiative in 2020 after the first major UK-wide COVID-19 lockdown. The charity wanted to recognize the efforts of coaches who, under difficult circumstances, persevered and rethought coaching techniques to deliver legal digital and individual training, using sport and physical activity to keep people connected.

UK Coaching Week runs from June 7-13, allowing athletes, coaches, organizations and the public to celebrate great training and encourage coaches to adapt and reclaim their space in the sport sector and physical activity.

To learn more about the campaign, visit

All finalists

Alice Barnes (swimming, triathlon) Alyn Gunn (football) Alyson Marks (gymnastics) Amy Chambers (gymnastics) Amy McCrickerd (ju jitsu) Andrew Addison (swimming) Azi Mohammed (multisport) Ben Tanner (visually impaired multisport) Born Barikor (exercise and fitness physical) Carmela Chillery-Watson (exercise and fitness) Craig Prime (swimming) Danielle Starkie (figure skating) Darren Marr (weightlifting; swimming) Debbie Willars (tumbling; cheerleading) Dempsey Andrews (ice skating) Denise Bristow (physical exercise) & fitness) Esmeralda Smit (yoga) Fraser Buchan (alpine skiing) Gary Parsons (swimming) Gaynor Hutchison (archery) Gemma Lumsdaine (multisport wheelchair) Georgina Mitchell (gymnastics) Gillian Murrie (boccia) Graham Hall (athletics) ) Greg Pennington (cricket) Greg Robertson (acrobatic gymnastics) Hannah Jones (tumbling; cheerleading) Helen Miriam Taylor-Carter (rowing; cycling) Isabel Haigh (gymnastics) Jennifer Szczepaniak-Sloane (korfball) Jimm y Brennan (boxing) Jo Briggs (exercise and fitness) Jo Crowley (judo; exercise and fitness) Joel Lock (multisport) John Hilton (rugby) Josh Gelder (multisport) Juanita Steel (exercise and fitness) Julie Parkinson (exercise and fitness) Karen Webb (netball) Kevin Brooks (swimming) Kim Stevenson (cheerleading) Kirsty Naismith (football) Knox White (boxing) Kyleigh Manners (cycling) Laura James (aerobic gymnastics) Laura Ytre-Eide (rhythmic gymnastics) Lauren Hardaker (gymnastics) Lavina Mehta (exercise and fitness) Lee Reade (football) Lisa Ashton (horseback riding) Louise Broome (hockey) Louise Horide (cheerleader) Lucas Silvestre-Capalbo (football) Matt Sealy (wheelchair basketball) Megan Bennington (gymnastics) Melissa Anderson (gymnastics) Mia Pedro (exercise and fitness) Michael Martin (athletics) Natalie Lyon (cheerleader; gymnastics) Paul Donaghy (EP; school sport and physical activity) Raj Singh (swimming) Rebecca Kane (martial arts and Irish dance) Rebecca Scothern (cheerleader) Richard Smith (swimming) Roderick Slater ( Athletics; rowing) Ross Douglas (swimming) Scott Burns (rugby league) Sean Armstrong, Martin Hunter and Scott Rendles (exercise and fitness) Shane Carrington (boxing) Sharon Nixon (athletics) Steve Whitmore (boxing) Tom Doherty (athletics) Vicky Malmsjo ( swimming) Vince Skillcorn (judo) Will Philpot (swimming)

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