The renovated Rockford ice rink


Rockford, Illinois (WTVO) – After months of uncertainty, the dilapidated state border ice rink will undergo a major renovation.

Construction won’t start in the next five months, but the park district manager said developers are already working hard to come up with a modern design.

The developers behind the $ 6 million renovation of Riverview Icehouse, 324 N Madison Street, will meet with Rockford Skaters to begin work on the updated design later this week. Local leaders said it was the first step towards new life at the facility 45 years ago.

Jay Son Dean, Rockford Park District Executive Director, said: “I think half of the $ 6 million is spent on freezer systems, machines, hockey boards and glass refurbishment. [and] Rooftop unit. The other part of that $ 6 million is actually spent on aesthetics, dressing rooms, bathrooms, and lobby renovations. This is really the part that we want to get feedback from our community. “

One of the reasons community members are being urged to save Riverview is to give all the kids in “Forest City” access to skating. The Park District on Tuesday announced a new initiative to raise funds for those who may not be able to meet the associated costs.

“Skates are expensive. There are many obstacles to the entry of children into our community, ”explains Sandine. “Equipment is expensive, ice time is expensive, training is expensive. Lack of transportation is a big problem for children here.

We expect the new look of the links to be more crowded after the redesign.

“We have the opportunity for these kids to keep growing and maybe reach their dreams, but if they don’t achieve their dreams of playing in the NHL they will be making memories for life,” said Jordan Tsuminaro. Noted. President of the Rockford Hockey Club.

According to Sandine, the redesign is expected to begin in March 2022. This will shut down the facility for about six months and then reopen it in the fall.

The renovated Rockford ice rink

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