The 12 Best Ice Skating Movies

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The 2022 Winter Olympics got me excited about all things ice skating. It’s time for me to review the difference between a twizzle and a triple axel and reacquaint myself with national champions going for gold. And when it’s done, I could treat myself to a movie about ice skating. These are the 12 best skating movies and documentaries about these crazy kids who strap knives to their feet and make it the greatest sport ever.

Bonus fun fact: there are also some great ice skating TV shows –Turn was a wild Netflix binge, and Yuri on ice has a huge fan following. The Disney+ series The Mighty Ducks: The Game Changers is also very good! Oh, and in the interest of fairness and ~*equality*~, I’m including films about figure skating and hockey movies. If the two sports are to share ice time IRL, they must share ice time in our movie slates. That said, let’s go!

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‘Blade of Glory’

Not every joke in 2007’s Will Ferrell comedy holds up in 2022, but others perfectly satirize the best and worst of the figure skating world.

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‘On the razor wire’

It’s the classic story of enemies to lovers of a hockey player who meets a figure skater.

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“The Mighty Ducks”

WHICH TEAM? Sorry, bad Disney movie.

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“Me, Tonya”

This Oscar-winning film tells a dark and exaggerated version of the real-life scandal between Tonya Harding, her ex-husband Jeff Gillooly and Nancy Kerrigan.

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‘Ice Princess’

DCOM alert! The first of two 2005 films about skating to air on the House of Mouse, this one follows Michelle Trachtenberg’s STEM girl character as she tries to use her knowledge of physics to become a competitive figure skater.

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‘Go figure’

Another DCOM Alert! This The 2005 film tells the story of an up-and-coming figure skater who moonlights as a hockey player in order to attend a prestigious boarding school for free.

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“The Frozen Follies of 1939”

Want a classic? The figure skaters in this film are more show business than competition. (And movie stars Joan Crawford and Jimmy Stewart, so you know it’s good.)

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“Ice Castles”

This throwback, like On the razor wireis a love story between a figure skater and a hockey playerand drama occurs when the figure skater is injured. The hockey player is played by Robby Benson, who voices the beast in The beauty and the Beast.

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“The Ice King”

This one is a documentary about John Curry, who revitalized the art of figure skating and became the first openly gay competitor in the Olympics after being exposed by a tabloid.

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This inspiring hockey movie is a true story. It is also an Olympic hockey team, and therefore appropriate for the season.

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“Mystery, Alaska”

Burt Reynolds and Russell Crowe?? Take out the white wine. Your mother is interested in watching Mystery, Alaska if you are not.

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‘Torvill & Dean’

If you swoon over Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir when they won Olympic gold in 2018, you need to watch this TV biopic about England’s sexiest ice dancers, and…hey! I recognize this guy from game of thrones!

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