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Clarisse Kell | Daily press A group of children skate at the Escanaba public ice rink, located in the civic center. The rink opened for the season on Monday.

ESCANABA — With the colder temperatures hitting the area recently, local ice rinks have opened.

The Escanaba public ice rink, located near the Civic Center and the water tower, had its opening day on Monday.

“It opened (Monday) at 2:30 p.m.”, said Kim Peterson, director of parks and recreation at Escanaba.

Peterson explained that the weather has a huge impact on when the rink can open and that the weather was recently perfect to prepare for it.

“We finally got cold” she says.

The Gladstone Public Ice Rink, located on Gladstone Beach, was scheduled to open last week.

Nicole Sanderson, director of parks and recreation at Gladstone, said that since the rink moved to its location near the lake a few years ago, there have been problems with the heat coming from Lake Michigan which has melted the skating rink ice. She said that because of this, the parks and recreation department had to start making ice again for the rink.

“We are aiming for Thursday to open” she says.

The Escanaba ice rink is open Monday to Friday from 2:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. and Saturday from noon to 8 p.m. to 19h

Both rinks have ice skates available to lend, so those who want to enjoy the activity don’t need to own a pair.

Peterson said the skates available at Escanaba Rink were purchased through a grant from Public Health, Delta and Menominee counties.

“We have about 70 pairs of different sizes”, she says. “We have figure skates and hockey skates for youth and adults.”

Peterson said children in grades four and up can use the rink and skate unsupervised, but younger children need a guardian.

Sanderson said there were no set rules for those wishing to use Gladstone’s ice rink.

“Anyone can come and use it” she says.

Peterson explained that people using the Civic Center ice rink have access to a heated shelter in the building and other services like free wifi and access to laptops and a gym. She said there was also a small concession stand in the building for skaters to grab a snack or drink.

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