Skating lessons keep kids away from gadgets



Nellore: Parents, who have realized the health benefits of roller skating, equivalent to jogging in terms of calorie burning, are showing an interest in joining their children for training. Even athletes who are looking for an activity to keep in shape during the offseason also prefer a pair of roller skates.

During a roller skating ride

  • The children’s park ice rink is crowded and more and more children are showing interest
  • The civic organization proposes to start another ice rink at the ACSR stadium
  • About 400 children attended summer camp last month
  • Parents also encourage skating to protect their children from electronic gadgets

Just to get the double benefit of being good at sports and fitness, parents encourage kids to visit parks and other places where roller skating lessons are given.

The Nellore District Skating Association recently hosted a summer camp with the help of physical education teachers who provided the training on a volunteer basis. More than 400 children joined the program last month. “We created the association for children in 1999 and so far 3,500 pupils have been trained in this sport.

This sport is a very good physical exercise for children. Some students have already attended national events. We have hired five coaches who are basically PETs for the summer training held at the children’s park, ”said N Veera Venkateswarlu, who founded the association.

The number of people showing an interest in sports gradually increased as they saw that the children in training excel in studies and sports. Parents are also happy with the activity as the majority of children are away from televisions, cell phones and other electronic gadgets.

“We have been sending our two children to train in the park for three years. They are now happy with the sport. They receive good oxygen and pressure relief from routine school activities. We are happy that they spend limited time on TV and cell phones. We appreciate the coaches for their patience in teaching children by arousing an interest in the sport, ”said K Haritha, a resident of the Aditya Nagar area.

Now there is an ice rink in the children’s park run by the civic organization. Authorities have proposed another ice rink at the ACSR stadium in Dargamitta, which has yet to become a reality for residents of southern Nellore town. The civic body is also focusing on sporting activities in all of Nellore’s parks by providing the necessary infrastructure, an official from the Municipal Corporation said.


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