Santa Monica rink canceled for 2021-2022 season


The electrical infrastructure behind the cancellation

By Sam Catanzaro

Authorities have announced that Ice in Santa Monica will not be returning this season.

“Downtown Santa Monica, Inc. regrets to announce that Ice at Santa Monica will not be returning for the 2021-2022 season,” reads the ad on the Downtown Santa Monica (DTSM) website.

According to DTSM, in January 2021, the electrical infrastructure of the surface parking lot that serves as the home of the outdoor rink was “substantially” damaged.

DTSM says it has worked with Southern California Edison and the City of Santa Monica to secure the appropriate funding and permits to perform repairs and purchase spares, but those spares won’t be available in time to get started. of the 2021-2022 season.

“DTSM will repair the electrical infrastructure as soon as spare parts arrive and looks forward to welcoming skaters in the fall of 2022,” said DTSM.

According to Santa Monica City Council member Phil Brock, speaking at this week’s meeting, the only way the rink could be operational this winter would be to hold Ice in Santa Monica until January 5 (at place from early November to February) and to use diesel. powered generators.

“The only way to do that at the moment would be for city council to decide that using diesel during those five weeks would be acceptable,” Brock said at the meeting, based on conversations he had with Edison officials from Southern California.

At the city council meeting, however, DTSM CEO Katheleen Rawson said that would not be an option.

DTSM officials said, however, that it is working with the City of Santa Monica to host other community events at the Ice parking lot and will announce more vacation activities soon.

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