Rayton’s Hadassah Alexander has ice skating at heart – Ridge Times

Hadassah Alexander, a 15-year-old figure skater from Rayton, finished second in the beginner solo division of the ice and fire figure skating competition held at Grove Rink on Sunday May 29.

Hadassah started figure skating in July 2021 and it was the first competition she entered.

She will take her first level test in June this year.

She has always loved dancing and has been taking ballet lessons since the age of five, but when she saw a figure skater walking past the Grove rink one day, she was mesmerized and drawn to it.

It looked like an ice ballet jumpsuit to her.

The problem was that being the second eldest of 12 siblings in the Forever family at Jabez House in Rayton, a home made up of biological, adopted and adoptive siblings, money for extramural activities is limited and with travel expenses to Pretoria to consider too, this dream seemed unattainable.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way, so when she found out that Evolution on Ice was offering figure skating lessons on a day that coincided with her brother’s tutoring in Pretoria, she jumped at the chance.

She started baking and selling crackers to friends and family in the community to help cover her course fees and ice rink fees.

A sponsor has volunteered to cover 75% of his training costs this year.

Hadassah said it has been an incredible blessing.

She continues to bake and sell buttermilk rusks to cover the remaining 25% of the costs.

Hadassah dreams of competing in the Olympics and recently tried out for a synchronized skating team.

This will again involve an additional cost for training, but nothing will prevent her from doing what she loves.

Hadassah Alexander realizes his biggest dream. (Photo: provided)

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