Pop-Up Ice Rink Opens in Dutchess County

A new pop-up rink has opened in North Dutchess County.

It seems like these pop-up rinks are popping up all over the Hudson Valley. And it’s great to see, because it provides free entertainment for residents. We recently reported on the opening of the new ice rink in Ulster County, which opened earlier this month at George Majestic Memorial Park in Gardiner, made possible by an anonymous contractor who donated his hand -work and materials. Now North Dutchess County has an ice rink.

Tivoli Village has a new pop-up rink according to the Red Hook Daily Catch. The $4,000 rink is located in Memorial Park and was made possible by artist Brice Marden. Volunteers run the 30-by-60-foot rink, which is open daily from morning until 9 p.m. The rink was reportedly purchased by EZ Ice Inc. of Newton, Mass. Anyone can use the rink, but visitors must bring their own skates as no rentals are available. Best of all, it’s absolutely free!

“We are thrilled to provide Tivoli residents with fun and charming outdoor amenities in the deep cold of another COVID winter,” said Mayor Joel Griffith.

The rink is run and maintained by volunteers, and visitors are encouraged to follow the status signs located on the rink. So if ice skating is your thing, be sure to check out the new pop-up ice rink located at Memorial Park in Tivoli for some free time and family fun.

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