People of Heaven, Magalia React to Chico Ice Rink Approval


BUTTE COUNTY, CA – The newly approved Chico City Plaza ice rink is slated to open at the same time as the annual Paradise Ice Rink.

Janel Williams, who lives in Magalia, says Chico should not be allowed to open the rink as it would negatively affect the fire rebuilding efforts in Paradise.

“I think it’s a real shame that Chico wants to do this and take business away from the Paradise area. We don’t have a lot of businesses here as it is. They’re creating competition that wasn’t necessary.” Williams said.

The first Paradise on Ice outdoor rink was held in 2013. It will be Chico’s first outdoor rink, as they had planned for the past three to four years.

John Machedo, who lives in Paradise, said he had just moved this weekend because his house was destroyed by the campfire and wants people to focus more on why the rinks are being built and where joy that comes from the holiday season.

“Well, it’s all about the kids, right? The opportunity for kids to have that special time over the holidays,” Machado said. “If Chico, more power for them if they have an ice rink, then we’re right down the mountain. Then we have an ice rink here.”

Paradise on Ice will open daily from November 11 to January 17, while the Chico ice rink plans to open from November 19 to January 9.

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