Midland figure skaters win medals at showcase event

Several members of the Midland Figure Skating Club recently visited the Michigan Showcase hosted by Brighton’s Ice House Skating Academy.

Ciarra Franklin won first place in the pre-juvenile character qualifiers, then finished second in the finals while performing on the film’s “In My Dreams.” Fancy, and in Pre-Juvenile Emotional Performance she finished first in the final skating to “I Hear a Symphony”. This victory propelled her to the Junior Parade of Champions, where she finished second.

Sera DiMuro Won In Pre-Preliminary Character By Skating To Film’s “Mother Knows Best” Tangledwhich qualified her for the Novice Parade of Champions, where she took third place.

Sisters Claire Britton and Julia Britton finished third from Showcase Production while performing on the Journey Into Imagination drama team, and Noa Santos-Claramount took first place from Free Skate Light Entertainment skating to “Everybody Wants to be a Cat”. Her victory qualified her for the Novice Parade of Champions, where she placed fourth.

Avery Martin took first place in Basic Skills while performing on the film’s “Naughty” Matildaqualifying her for the Novice Parade of Champions, where she placed sixth.

In Showcase Production, ice theater team Midland Misfits finished fourth with a performance titled “Empower Yourself”. The team was made up of teen and adult skaters of varying skill levels including Sue Bakke, Sofia Behnke, Jodi Britton, Kaylee Davenport, Dana Fuerst, Kira Fuerst, Brett Greathouse, Lynne Greathouse, Makayla Greathouse, Makayla Maier, Nancy Morrow, Susie Schulz , Kimberlee Ward, Katie Wrobel and Madison Zielinski.

Meanwhile, MFSC’s Isa Alvelo-Moreno recently competed in East Lansing at the Van Camp Invitational and landed all of his jumps to take third place in the youth short program. She also placed first in juvenile jumps and spins.

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