Man continues ice skating lessons amid battle with stage 4 cancer, performance recorded on tape


People approach their mortality in different ways, but it’s always heartening to see someone snatch away all the opportunities and joys in life, even when they know they are nearing the end.

Older man is boosting morale after video of him goes viral.

Richard Epstein, 77, was diagnosed with Cancer in 2020, but that hasn’t stopped him in his lifelong quest to grow and diversify into new skills.

Epstein’s daughter, Rebekah Bastian, has tweeted about one of his more recent interests, and the response has been overwhelming.

“My dad is 77 and has stage 4 prostate cancer,” the Washington state woman wrote. “He decided to learn ice skating a few years ago and just did this performance with his teacher. “For anyone who thinks it’s too late to try something new. “

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Bastian later explained that his father had been Ice skating to have fun for years, but three years ago he decided to take lessons, according to KTTV-TV in Los Angeles.

The video she posted was one of the new routines he had learned from his instructor, and the fact that he was still pursuing his goals warmed her heart.

“He has an idea in his head of something new to learn or try and he does it,” said Bastian. “Like, why don’t you learn? He’s a very ‘learn by doing’ person and doesn’t see a lot of obstacles for himself, which I really admire.

Epstein has always been like this, challenging himself to learn new things, according to KTTV. He was an astrophysicist but then “retired” to focus on invention. He started his own business. He has developed a device that “harnesses wind power without any moving parts”.

His keen sense of mind is matched only by his physical strength and he is always up for challenges.

“I think he was about 60 when he first climbed Mount Rainier, and the only time, and for his 70th birthday, I took him flying trapeze, which he did. “Bastian said. “He’s definitely up for the adventure.

“He’s always been very good at being in the moment and being happy for the things that are going well in life, and usually those things are directly related to his family.”


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As for the music video, Bastian is happy that he brought so much joy to others, and she herself never tires of it.

“I kept watching it over and over again,” she said. “I kept looking at it and showing it to friends and, you know, my husband… I was crying in a very happy way, smiling and crying at the same time – every time I looked at him. , I could ‘I don’t go numb with the emotion because it’s so beautiful on so many levels.

“What I shared was that… the fact that it’s never too late to try new things or to start something new and that’s really what sprang up in me as I watched it, is that, that feeling of hope, like, we can always learn new things, there are always new beginnings… we could all use a little optimism right now.

Epstein’s humor is also clearly still in great shape. When Bastian told him that the ice skating video had gone viral, he replied, “Oh, how sweet. I always wanted to be a famous athlete.

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