Magical photos show frozen Cambs field turned into ice rink



From ice hockey to figure skating – many people have taken advantage of the natural rink while the artificial rinks remain closed

After a wave of freezing cold, some seem to have taken advantage of the frozen soil of the Fens.

Moist soil that hadn’t had a chance to drain and dry out before freezing temperatures hit has formed a temporary ice rink in the Fens, near Ely, Cambridgeshire.

The cold snap is now coming to an end, with double-digit temperatures for some areas.

However, particularly cold temperatures over an extended period allowed parts of the Fens to freeze over.

The Cambridgeshire Fens were, in fact, the birthplace of British speed skating – so it’s no wonder that groups of people donned their skates to make the most of the freezing conditions.

In order to create ice strong enough for skating, it takes four nights of freezing, with temperatures of -4 ° C or less, and little or no thaw period during the intervening days.

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Whether it’s figure skating, speed skating or ice hockey, many people have decided to give it a try.

Taking on the ice, they were captured on Sunday, February 14, as they made the most of the natural rink, while artificial rinks remain closed due to the Covid lockdown.

There was a huge area of ​​flooded land that had frozen over, meaning people had plenty of room to skate safely.

As temperatures start to rise the ice will start to melt, but by the time it was there people seemed to be having a good time doing their daily exercise, just in a slightly different format from regular walks.


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