Lexington rink damaged by 2-alarm fire in KY


The owners pledged to rebuild the severely damaged part of the Lexington Ice Center on Tuesday after a large fire.

About 60 firefighters responded to the two-alarm blaze Monday night at the Eureka Springs Drive rink. The blaze was turned into a second alarm due to the size of the building, according to Battalion Commander Jordan Saas.

No one was injured, but the extensive damage from the fire will affect several groups that use the rink, including a youth hockey league that has lost equipment and other items.

It took firefighters nearly an hour and a half to put out the blaze after being dispatched at 6:19 p.m., Saas said. The fire had a ‘head start’ because it had grown so much before staff were dispatched, Saas said. The damage to the building is “significant”, he said.

No civilians were injured, but a firefighter was assessed for heat exhaustion, Saas said. This firefighter did not have to go to the hospital.

In a Facebook post, the owners of the Lexington Ice Center said the fire damaged the facility’s second rink. The owners said they didn’t know what caused the fire.

“We are very grateful that no one was injured or inside the building when this happened,” they said in the social media post. “We have already lived through tragedies and as before, we will rebuild. “

The owners had to rebuild after a storm in the 1980s, according to WKYT, the Herald-Leader reporting partner.

Lexington Amateur Ice Hockey Association commissioner Paul Adelfio said a lot was lost in the blaze. The Lexington Amateur Ice Hockey Association used the damaged rink for their competitions.

The youth hockey program has lost championship banners, trophies and ribbons stored in a trophy box in the hall of the rink, Adelfio said. A large amount of youth gear was also lost, along with other gear and an LED dashboard.

“I’ve been involved in youth hockey, high school hockey and amateur hockey for over 20 years, and I know how tight the hockey community is,” said Adelfio. “We will come together to replace lost equipment and equipment and come back stronger. “

Adelfio, the hockey commissioner, also said the loss of an ice rink “will consolidate all of our hockey activities into one rink”.

The damage will affect the Central Kentucky Hockey Association, the Lexington Amateur Ice Hockey Association, Eastern Kentucky University hockey, University of Kentucky hockey, high school hockey and the Thoroughbred Figure Skating Club, Adelfio said.

“Ice time with two rinks has always been tight when the hockey season is in full swing, so it will be extremely difficult now to make sure all programs have the time to train and play,” he said. -he declares.

The Lexington Ice Center‘s Facebook post said the main ice rink and mini-golf courses were not damaged. The owners of the Lexington Ice Center thanked the Lexington Fire Department for doing a “wonderful job in all aspects” of fighting the fire.

Jeremy Chisenhall covers the latest news for the Lexington Herald-Leader and Kentucky.com. He joined the newspaper in 2020 and is from Erlanger, Ky.

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