Labrador Rescued From Slaughter Shelter Becomes Famous As World’s First Ice Skating Dog | United Kingdom | New

Eight-year-old Benny was expected to be asleep after six months in a shelter, when with just a day to spare, owner Cheryl DelSangro saw him and immediately wanted to take him home. “I fell in love with his big pools of black eyes,” she recalls.

Cheryl, from Las Vegas, USA, is a retired professional figure skater, so it was only a matter of time before Benny met the ice.

But the first time he visited an ice rink, she was surprised at how much Labrador seemed to love the experience.

It took Cheryl two months to make a special pair of ice skates for Benny. When it was finally time to test them out on the ice, the talented puppy could amazingly skate on them on the first try.

Now Benny can’t get enough. “He can’t wait to go out and we always skate together. We have a special bond, and skating makes it even stronger.

Benny has since become something of a star in Vegas, showing off his skating skills at events ranging from ice hockey matches to the US figure skating championships.

He’s even made famous appearances on Good Morning America and the Today Show.

The Labrador superstar has her own TikTok account, where millions of impressed viewers have been stunned by snippets of her skating abilities. “Just when I thought dogs couldn’t improve they are learning to ice skate,” commented one user.

“He’s skating better than I ever can,” said another.

They aren’t the only ones who are amazed by Benny’s unique talent. “Benny is unlike any dog ​​I have ever had before. He’s extremely smart, ”says Cheryl.

She hopes Benny’s inspirational story will encourage more people to adopt rescue dogs and give them a well-deserved second chance. “Benny is the poster dog for adoption and shows the world what any dog ​​can do, even a shelter dog,” she says.

“He is a once in a lifetime dog, and I am the lucky one who adopted him.”

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