Inaugural ‘Winter Beach’ brings an ice rink to St. Pete’s Pier


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Curtis Hixon’s Winter Village may relocate, as Winter Beach is coming to St. Petersburg Pier this year.

From Nov 20 to Jan 17 you can go alone or take the kids to enjoy the ice rink, stroll the Beach Holiday Market, eat food, visit Santa Claus and even experience “snow days” , which are only probably frothy bubbles that certainly shouldn’t be eaten like regular snow.

The rink is also expected to feature themed events like Britney Party, Princess Party (the first 100 kids in princess outfits receive a tiara) and a silent nightclub. If you’d rather stay out of the rink, you can try one of the four holiday movie nights or check out the Christmas carolers throughout the month.

There is also a Pride Night going on, but the date is to be determined.

The list of sellers is being finalized, and if you wish to join the Beach Holiday Market, applications are always open. Right now, you can expect hot chocolate and coffee from Kahwa, turkey thighs from Uncle John’s Pride, beer from Corona, and plenty more to savor as you watch everyone slide down the road. ice skating rink.

Entrance is free, but you have to pay if you want to ice skate (find tickets here), and you can also bring your dog. As always, parking at the pier can be tricky, but organizers are offering on-site parking for $ 2.50 an hour for up to six hours.

You can also walk from the Sundial garage or find random street parking somewhere in the city center, but carpooling is always a good option. Please don’t park in the old northeast just to have your car towed because you’ve blocked a driveway (trust us, this happens a lot).

If Winter Beach isn’t enough, you can also take a look at the Christmas lights North Straub lining park right across the street every night. And if you want to get lost in a maze, Enchant Christmas takes place at Tropicana Field.

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