I’m an ice skating coach and this is a trick to keep you from falling in front of your friends

THE holiday season is upon us and if you’re planning on going ice skating with friends or family soon, here’s a tip to keep you from falling.

Simply remembering this tip can help avoid painful – and potentially embarrassing – falls on slippery ice.


Ice skating coach Danielle Cinone suggests skaters touch and bend their knees when they feel like fallingCredit: Instagram/@danielle_cinone
Danielle Cinone has been training ice skating for 16 years
Danielle Cinone has been training ice skating for 16 yearsCredit: Instagram/@danielle_cinone

Having worked as a skating coach in New York City for the past 16 years, I pride myself on being able to help all age groups slide easily on the ice.

And while learning to skate might seem daunting to someone who’s never set foot on the ice, it’s actually quite easy if you follow a few important tips.

How to keep from falling

Whether you’re wearing rental skates or newly purchased ice skates, which you should get sharpened if you bought them online, you should always touch and bend your knees if you feel like you’re about to fall.

If you’re slipping on ice, walking, or trying to do a scooter push with one foot, it’s important to touch your knees as soon as you start to lose your balance.

If you don’t want to wipe yourself in front of friends, family, or other ice cream lovers, you should never wave or swing your arms widely when you feel unbalanced.

The ideal position to adopt when you lose your balance is to lean your body slightly forward while bending your knees and stretching your arms out in front of you.

It’s never a good idea to put your arms behind you.

You should also avoid straightening your knees and tensing your body if you feel like you are about to fall.

how to fall

If you do find yourself falling, be sure to fall to one side to avoid hitting your back against your tailbone or falling forward uncomfortably.

Learn to Skate USA recommends: “Lower your center of gravity, slide on one hip, relax and crash down to the ice.

“Protect your head from kickback and impact on the ice by tucking your chin in.

“Don’t use your hands to break your fall.”

How to stand

If you have fallen and are ready to get back on your feet, the best way to get back up is to roll over on your hands and knees.

The next step is to place one foot on the ice in front of you, between your hands, and push off your knee to raise yourself to a standing position.

When standing, the toes should be straight, the feet parallel and the knees slightly bent.

I always recommend that my beginner students take small steps with their toes slightly pointed before sliding with their feet parallel and their toes pointing straight.

Tips and tricks

If, when ice skating, you notice that it’s easy to move forward on the ice, you might be ready to try a few tricks.

To walk backwards, you can simply point your toes slightly towards each other and start walking.

Another trick you can try is a swizzle. To swing forward, all you have to do is stand in a “V” position with your heels together and your toes pointed.

With your ankles and knees bent, you let your feet slide apart. Next, straighten your knees as your toes come together in an inverted “V” position.

The movement with your feet creates a circular shape on the ice.

If skating feels natural and you’re feeling daring, you can try a dip or a shoot-the-duck.

A dip on the ice is when you glide with your knees bent as if you were sitting on a chair and your arms straight out in front.

If it’s easy, you can try doing the same thing but with one foot extended forward so that you balance on one foot. This is called a shoot-the-duck.

Danielle Cinone performs a shoot-the-duck on ice


Danielle Cinone performs a shoot-the-duck on iceCredit: Instagram/@danielle_cinone
Danielle Cinone is pictured skating on an indoor ice rink in New York


Danielle Cinone is pictured skating on an indoor ice rink in New YorkCredit: Instagram/@danielle_cinone
I’m an ice skating coach and this is a trick to keep you from falling in front of your friends

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