Ice skating to support ‘HairToStay’ for low income cancer patients – J.


Bay Area residents looking for a fun Sunday night out that supports a good cause can head to the rink next month to benefit the nonprofit HairToStay, which helps people low income to reduce hair loss during chemotherapy.

HairToStay, which has strong ties to the Jewish community and the support of the Sharsheret Foundation, Mount Zion Health Fund and others, will host “ICE CAPades” on November 14 at the Yerba Buena Rink in San Francisco. The event will feature a free skate and performances, which will include Kate Wang, a local figure skating phenomenon and a high school student who recently returned from competing in Russia.

HairToStay is the only national non-profit organization that helps low-income cancer patients afford a hair preservation treatment called scalp cooling. The treatment, by DigniCap, a Swedish medical technology company, uses a scalp-cooling cranial mold that helps reduce hair loss, a distressing side effect of cancer treatment.

DigniCap was originally only available in Europe, but a trio of Jewish women from the Bay Area – a surgeon, a philanthropist and a former president of the JCC – have sought FDA approval of the treatment.

Among them is Bethany Hornthal, the former president of the San Francisco JCC, who worked with Bay Area philanthropist Ingrid Tauber to fund a clinical trial of DigniCap that paved the way for eventual approval of the FDA.

Single tickets for fundraising start at $ 150 and double tickets start at $ 250; purchase before October 24 is preferable. The event will begin at 5:30 p.m. with a free skating session and will include drinks, a silent auction, boxed dinner and hot chocolate, ending with the performances.

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