Ice skating movies that go for the gold

Background, clockwise from top left: Ice Castles (screenshot), Sun Valley Serenade (screenshot), I, Tonya (screenshot), The Cutting Edge (screenshot), Blades Of Glory (screenshot).  Foreground: Nathan Chen (Photo: Jamie Squire/Staff/Getty Images)

Background, clockwise from top left: ice castles (Screenshot)Sun Valley Serenade (Screenshot), Me Tonya (Screenshot), On the razor wire (Screenshot), Blade of Glory (Screenshot). Foreground: Nathan Chen (Photo: Jamie Squire/Staff/Getty Images)
Graphic: Rebecca Fassola

So many of the Winter Olympics events seem to be about falling, whether it’s descending a mountain on two poles, laying on top of someone in the doubles luge, and so on. But figure skating differs from snow sports as something much more graceful, gliding across ice and trying to challenge gravity, not succumb to it – in the case of recent Olympic gold medalist Nathan Chen, with a quadruple axel, no less.

It’s no surprise, then, that the magic of ice skating has made its way into the movies as well. As these Olympics draw to a close, you might be longing for more couples routines and gold medal ambitions. Why not take a look at these cinematic forays into the world of figure skating, from Sonja Henie’s Busby Berkeley-inspired extravaganzas to Tonya Harding’s rebellious bid for Olympic greatness. At the very least, some of these deeper looks at skating challenges might give you a little more appreciation for the perfection of these routines as these athletes vie for a spot on that heralded podium.

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