Ice Skating in Greenwich by Amy Roberts, Farringtons School

Recently I went ice skating at the Queens House rink in Greenwich. Although it was quite cold and I have certainly fallen a few times, I would say it was a great activity to do with the family.

The rink is a reasonable size for the number of people skating and is perfect for those who want to go a little faster who usually venture out in the middle and smaller or not so confident people who can stick near the edges with walls hang on. Marshals also restrict the movement of skates so that no one is endangered by speeding up skaters and children can also feel safe with helping hands such as penguins available for hire that they can hold onto while hanging out. moving to stay upright.

Each session is around 45 minutes long with great music playing during each session so I would say there is quite a bit of time to live out your figure skating fantasies and the skates are also quite comfortable to wear even without thicker socks!

Around the ice rink are beautiful views of the Queen’s House and it is also close to the National Maritime Museum where you can pre-book tickets to visit them before or after your skating pleasure to continue your trip and it is completely free for everyone. You can also walk to Greenwich Market and admire the interesting clothes and crafts for sale at each of the stalls, as well as warm up with a hot chocolate or a delicious pancake at one of the 20 food stalls currently on. the market.

This ice rink is open and ready to offer plenty of new memories until January 24 from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily with prices ranging from £ 14.50 to £ 17 for adults 25 and over, £ 9 to £ 12 for under 25s and £ 7.25 to £ 9 for children 3 to 15. (Minimum age of 3 years). It is suggested to arrive 15 minutes before skating so that you can sort your shoes and spend the 45 minutes of your session skating and you must reserve in advance. Also, if you have a later session there is a lot of lighting so it won’t affect your skills much (sorry if you were looking for a reason to excuse your falls).

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