Genshin Impact Cosplayers Wow Sunway Pyramid with Ice Skating Performance

Two Genshin Impact cosplayers took the internet by storm yesterday after a video of their ice skating performance at Sunway Pyramid went viral online.

Raiden and Yae Miko will dance skating from Genshin_Impact

Passing by Yuriko Minami and Yana Chin, the two cosplayed Genshin Impact’s Yae Miko and Raiden Shogun for their ice skating performance as part of Skate Asia 2022, a figure skating event held annually at Sunway Pyramid.

It wasn’t just cosplay, as the entire routine also revolved around the two characters, with music and dialogue from the game, and even using props from the characters’ items.

We’ve reached out to the duo for further comment and will update this article appropriately once they’ve given it.

A video of the performance caught the eye on Reddit and Facebook, with many Malaysian fans surprised to see their favorite Genshin Impact players skating around the mall.

“Wow that was pretty amazing!! Just waiting for Genshin’s live action movie now,” writes an editor, HotChoc64.

It’s no secret that Genshin Impact is huge in Malaysia – you can spot people cosplaying various characters at conventions, and Hoyoverse in turn has responded by hosting events as well as localized ads in the country too.

Turning the game’s character stories into a skate program is no easy task – and clearly the hallmark of very passionate ice skating and Genshin Impact fans.

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