Figure skaters circulate petition after massive ice rinks shutdown – CBS Boston


BOXBORO (CBS) – An online petition circulating with the message “Let figure skaters skate in Massachusetts” has garnered thousands of signatures, as rinks across the state are closed for two weeks.

Chad Brennan, coach of the Colonial Figure Skating Club of Boxboro, created the petition.

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In 6 p.m. he had 3,400 signatures and counted. “It’s amazing,” said Brennan. “I didn’t think there would be so much support for it and I’m so glad the skating community is joining the petition because we all feel the same way.”

In the petition, Brennan writes, “Unfortunately, figure skaters have also been lumped together. “He details the safety measures in place for figure skaters on the rink where he works, telling WBZ-TV:” I really felt that figure skaters were being unfairly punished for something that was not their fault. . We have not had any cases of COVID in this particular rink. “

Patty Flanagan, Executive Director of the Colonial Figure Skating Club, added, “Figure skating is first and foremost an individual sport. The skaters keep the distance and it feels like being put in the same bag with everyone on the ice, it’s a little oblivious to the differences between figure skating and ice hockey.

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The Colonial Figure Skating Club has 200 active skaters and approximately 40 coaches, with the new order having an economic impact on the club’s instructors.

Flanagan noted, “Our coaches are all independent contractors, so they go from one source of income to no income. It can be quite devastating. They are all bouncing back from being closed in the spring. “

Coach Christina Welch added, “It’s really disappointing for the kids because now they have to take a few weeks off and they have to stop their training so it’s really going to affect their progress.

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For now, the Massachusetts rinks are closed until Nov. 7, but Brennan fears it may be longer. “I’m afraid that two weeks turns into a month, and the month turns into two months, and we can’t afford that for our skaters in any way,” he said.

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