Competitions without ROC put ice skating in disarray

With Russian players banned from the competition because their country attacked Ukraine, the question arises whether the quality of the event will be affected.

The ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine has global humanitarian and political implications. But we can see that it’s also changing the sports world. This year’s ROC-free competitions are disrupting sports like ice skating as many athletes will not be able to compete.

This spells disaster for Russian aspirations for future events, such as the 2022 World Figure Skating Championship. With ROC competitors winning 6 out of 15 medals at the recent Beijing Winter Olympics, many of the favorites are now excluded.

Athletes banned from all events for the foreseeable future are:

  • Anna Shcherbakova
  • Alexandra Trousova
  • Evgenia Tarasova
  • Vladimir Morozov
  • Anastasia Michina
  • Alexander Galliamov
  • Mark Kondratiuk
  • Kamila Valieva
  • Victoria Sinitsina
  • Nikita Katsalapov

If you are thinking of supporting your favorite athletes in the upcoming World Championship, know that a wide variety of options and sites such as will be presented to you, so you should make some extensive research on which site is the safest but at the same time meets your wishes and needs.

For fans who focus on sports like ice skating, having such a resource will be extremely important due to all the fluctuations. Indeed, one wonders if Japanese athletes will be able to capitalize on the lack of their Western neighbors.

When will athletes be allowed to compete again?

The biggest difference between this ban and the previous one is that this one has little to do with people competing and everything to do with their country’s regime. The Russian Federation is banned due to its aggression in Ukraine and the ban can only be lifted once the aggression has stopped.

When that will happen is up in the air, but hopefully soon. The idea behind the actions of the International Skating Union is to do their part to pressure the Russian regime to back down and stop the attacks.

Although ice skating and politics may seem disconnected to the uninitiated, the success of these athletes was a major tool of diplomacy. They showed the ROC to be a successful team even after the old doping scandal.

For fans and punters, we can only hope that all attacks will stop soon. The devastated will be able to return to their homes and sport can once again become about athletic prowess, not politics.

Will the Ice Skating Championship be fun to watch?

Yes. While it may seem like an armchair position to focus on sports while a war is raging, there are both personal and moral reasons why you should enjoy sports even now.

Mainly, by supporting the championship, you show that Russian athletes, although very good, are not essential for the sport in the future. There is no nation or athlete that makes or breaks the sport, no matter how many fans they might have.

What you can do is use some of your betting winnings to donate to the relief effort for Ukrainian civilians. They are the ones who need our help right now, and we can only help if we live our normal lives otherwise.

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