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Sponsored Content Articles – Policy and Procedure

Only content submissions that meet our posting requirements will be posted.

The cost of posting through this portal is $ 100. These fees are non-refundable.

To make your publication purchase, you must be logged in as a site user:

This purchase is for online publication only. If a print publication is also desired, please purchase the publication online and contact [email protected] regarding the print publication.

By default, approved / paid submissions will be published in the “Lifestyle” section of the website. Requests from other URLs / sections deemed relevant for submission will be honored.

Submissions may contain links, including follow-on links.

Published submissions will remain published for as long as the website is active, possibly at least a year.

Submissions must comply with our comment standards ( and must constitute an appropriate use of the English language.

The publisher reserves the right to refuse publication for any reason whatsoever.

Submissions will not be processed for publication without advance payment.

Submissions requiring additional support services, such as modifying content or making payment, will not be published. By mutual agreement, editorial services can be provided at an additional cost; otherwise, the prepayment made will be considered a non-refundable service charge.

Upon request to [email protected], a link to the published article will be emailed.

Our website is directed to an audience based in the United States; our content may not be accessible to certain international audiences due to technological restrictions.

By initiating this transaction, the submitter assumes all responsibility associated with the publication of the submitted content (eg, infringement, license) and agrees to defend and hold the publisher harmless.


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