adult skating lessons


Just when I thought I could keep up with the grandchildren, Charlie tells me that they are building rinks again. Do you remember those scary days when you were only six years old and you first tried skating at the Glaciarium?

It was OK for perfectly coordinated people like Louise, who could turn sixpence, and still has that zack to prove it. But the rest of us had to take it very carefully and crawl outside the rink holding onto the ramp before venturing into the middle. And the whole time you were just trying to let go and fly.

And so are media advertising and brand advertising. You can take a serious fall if you let go of what is holding you back. Take a look at what Kraft has done with their new spread that mixed their regular and popular Vegemite with their cream cheese product. Nothing wrong with Vegemite and cheese. Alex, the granddaughter, wouldn’t start the day without her. But the problem seems to be the name, which they have now removed. No 1, it seems, could fully understand what iSnack2.0 was. Now it’s called Vegemite Cheesybite. Maybe if they had been ice skating they would have known sooner that you are not going in the middle without holding onto something or someone. At the rink it was your eight-year-old sister and hopefully her two friends too – the whole lineage.

In marketing terms, this would have been called a line extension. Traders, in fact, probably had the idea of ​​hanging out around the rinks when they were kids.

My good friends at Heinz have been doing this line extension thing for 57 years or more. Heinz this, Heinz that. Remember how we started with baby food, then moved on to soup, followed by classic baked beans. The products were always different, but still Heinz – you get the message.

The Vegemite brand is so strong that I wonder why you would bother to invent another one.

This “learn to skate” game also took place in the big world of television. The free networks have acquired new digital channels. It’s a bit complicated, but it means they can compete with Foxtel.

Ten and Nine opened their new channels and they were winners – Ten’s One HD with their sport, and Nine with Go! Both are different from the Main Channels, but both have the Main Channel Bracket and Bracket – just like hooking onto the rail when you skate.

The analyst market is wondering why Seven hasn’t done something yet. I suspect they make sure to do something that leverages the strength of the main brand. I am sure they are very careful and will put on their skates when they know they are not heading on thin ice.

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